Why is radioactivity important for University Campuses?

University campuses have long been targets of demonstrations and terrorist attacks.  Universities also house radioactive sources in their research facilities and hospitals which could be purposefully or accidentally misused.  The source that hospitalized eight people and killed one in India (need a date for reference) came from undocumented storage at a university.  GammaPix technology provides a low cost network of detectors, campus-wide for radioactivity protection.

GammaPix Video low-cost radioactivity detection network

Campuses generally have the security camera infrastructure which would permit a low cost GammaPix Video detection network to be installed.  The video stream collected in a command center can be analyzed for the telltale signatures of radioactivity.  The GammaPix Command server stores and plots the radioactivity data for use by the security officers.

Augmented Network

Campus police, staff and student smartphones using GammaPix Detect can augment the video network.