Alert yourself and community to danger from radioactivity accidents and terrorism

To help keep you and your community safe from radioactivity, GammaPix™ works with your smartphone’s camera to detect potentially harmful radiation. The app can automatically measure radioactivity levels wherever you are to check the safety of your local environment. Your readings, collected with others, on the GammaPix Data Portal also contribute to community protection from radioactivity accidents (such as occurred in Fukushima, Japan) or a terrorist attack by a Dirty Bomb or a quietly placed Radiation Exposure Device (RED).

The Innovative GammaPix technology (US patent numbers: 7,391,028; 7,737,410; 8,158,950; and 8,324,589; and 8,563,937 plus foreign patents) has been successfully tested at independent laboratories with calibrated sources. GammaPix apps were developed with funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).