The GammaPix radioactivity training system allows low-cost exercises in the local area with safe and realistically-sized simulated sources

Radioactivity Training exercises are often costly and dangerous as they are conducted with live sources. Our patented GammaPix Simulate software eliminates that obstacle. Using the GammaPix Simulate software along with the CommandPix Command Center software, we are able to simulate sources of various sizes virtually anywhere.  


The GammaSim training system is based on the GammaPix Simulate App and GammaPix Command Center Software. This combination is used to measure and map simulated source readings for First Responder training. When measuring simulated sources, the App transmits its location and GammaPix Command returns a reading consistent with the distance between the source and measurement location. In future versions of the app, shielding, such as from buildings, will be added to the calculation. GammaPix Simulate allows exercises to be conducted in the user's city in a realistic location, under realistic conditions, with a realistically-sized, simulated source. GammaPix Simulate eliminates the danger, unrealistically small sources, high cost and inconvenience of training with live sources.

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