Radioactivity Detection, Command and Control

Image Insight Command Center software collects and displays data from GammaPix Video and Smartphone Apps for response to a radioactive emergency

The Image Insight Command Center provides a low-cost management system for radioactive emergencies by employing radioactivity measurements collected from a network of internet-connected common devices and the control of the devices. The system collects data from software-enabled, but otherwise unmodified surveillance cameras, smartphones and/or tablets carried by First Responders and the public. The system allows accurate and rapid response to radioactivity accidents or a terrorist dirty bomb or Radioactivity Exposure Device (RED).

Image Insight Command Center software supports the remote control of registered devices to initiate radioactivity readings. Secure communications allow Incident Commanders at remote locations to view readings, monitor radiation exposure levels, record dose accumulated by response personnel and issue command and control orders using a mobile device.

Image Insight Command Center software ties the detection devices together into a monitoring network. The radioactivity level, time and location data are transmitted and saved at a secure central server and can be viewed and analyzed in map, graph or table form.

Locations (green points) where low radioactivity readings have been obtained in New York City

Locations (green points) where low radioactivity readings have been obtained in New York City

The innovative GammaPix technology (US Patent numbers: 7,391,028; 7,737,410; 8,158,950; 8,324,589; and 8,563,937; plus foreign patents) has been successfully tested at independent laboratories with calibrated sources. GammaPix technology was developed with funding from the Department of Homeland Security and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). 

The Command Center is included in the GammaPix Pro package, avaiable now from our store