Emergency Response


If a radiological emergency occurs

In the event of a radiological emergency, GammaPix-network equipped smartphones and video surveillance cameras, transmitting data to a Command Center, can allow quick assessment of the location and extent of the danger to facilitate emergency response. Both public and First Responder smartphones can provide useful data.  Radioactivity maps of the scene can be employed to manage First Responders and direct the public away from danger.

Command Center Software

GammaPix Command software ties the detection devices together into a monitoring network. The radioactivity level, time and location data are transmitted and saved at a secure central server and can be viewed and analyzed in map, graph or table form. The software supports the remote control of registered devices to initiate radioactivity readings. Secure communication allows incident commanders at remote locations access to the command center information.

First Responder Smartphones

First Responder smartphones can be used to check contamination of the public, to locate the sources of radioactivity, to establish a cordon around danger zones and to monitor the dose received during the emergency. The command center can send signals to devices to increase the frequency of measurements and initiate dose integration. As First Responders move toward the danger area, GammaPix software transmits readings to the Command Center to establish the safety cordon, while providing audio warnings from the device when the cordon is reached.