ABOUT Image Insight Inc.

Image Insight Inc.'s mission is to provide low cost, pervasive detection from radiation accidents, theft of radioactive materials and radiological terrorism. 

To help secure these sources and to protect people and places, Image Insight provides its patented radioactivity detection technology (GammaPix software) to First Responders, federal, state and local governments and to integrators for inclusion in their Enterprise solutions. We began to develop this technology in 2002 and have received R&D contracts totaling over $3.5m with agencies such as the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. GammaPix has been extensively tested by national laboratories in the U.S. and abroad.

The innovative technology has received awards such as a Top Technology R&D 100 award (2012), the "Most Innovative Product or Service" at the "Innovation in Resilience" conference in the UK (2012) as well as a 2013 Tech Company to Watch from the CT Innovation Summit. 

The GammaPix technology was initially developed at Advanced Fuel Research (AFR), a technology incubator, in East Hartford, CT. Over the past 30+ years, AFR has been the recipient of numerous research contracts from agencies such as the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and Homeland Security, as well as NASA, and the Environmental Protection Agency among others. Image Insight is the third successful spin-off from AFR; previous spinouts were Real-Time Analyzers and On-Line Technology, which was purchased by MKS Instruments in 2001.



ABOUT GammaPix Technology

GammaPix software detects ionizing radiation due to the inherent sensitivity of digital camera sensor chips. The Patented GammaPix technology is based on software that analyzes images produced by a surveillance camera, webcam or smartphone to measure gamma radiation at the device. The technology is sensitive enough to detect, within seconds, dangerously high levels of radiation so action can be taken immediately.  GammaPix can also be used to collect data over longer times - from minutes to detect weak sources, to hours to measure normal background radioactivity in your area.

In addition to its primary purpose of supporting radiological safety and security, GammaPix software can be used to detect radioactivity in everyday life such as exposure on airplanes, from patients treated with nuclear medicine or contaminated products. It can be used to detect hazards from unusual events such as a nuclear accident or in a terrorist attack that uses a dirty bomb, RED (radioactivity exposure device) or the fallout from a nuclear weapon detonation.



ABOUT Our Team

Peter Solomon, CEO
Dr. Solomon is the founder of Advanced Fuel Research Inc. (AFR) from which Image Insight Inc. was spun off.  Image Insight is the third successful spinoff from AFR. Dr. Solomon's background in physics, chemistry and engineering have been applied in projects with government, academia and corporations.  In his spare time, he travels the world and enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.

Eric Rubenstein, President, Inventor of the GammaPix software
Dr. Rubenstein is the inventor of the GammaPix technology. Prior to founding Image Insight he was Director of Defense and Security Services at AFR and was on the faculty of the Yale University and Smith College Astronomy Departments. He is a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve, where he is an Aeronautical Engineering Duty Officer supporting various national military space systems. He is an avid hiker and still hopes to get his 500m freestyle time below 8 minutes!

Gordon Drukier, Vice President
Dr. Drukier is the chief architect of the GammaPix software library and is the technical implementation team leader.  He comes to Image Insight via AFR, and previously did research in Astrophysics at Yale, Tel Aviv and Indiana Universities and the University of Cambridge.