Protecting Cities with GammaPix

Radiation Risks

The bustling activity and concentration of life that makes cities such attractive places to live also puts them at risk of certain threats, including from exposure to radioactivity. The tragedy at Fukushima was a reminder to us all of the risks that come along with the usefulness of nuclear and radioactive materials. While most cities are not as close to nuclear power plants as Fukushima, hospitals and many other facilities use radioactive materials that could put a community at risk during a natural disaster. Moreover, the Boston Marathon Bombing brought home once again the reality of terrorist attacks in our cities. More deadly attacks could be conducted with a Radiological Exposure Device (RED) or Dirty Bomb, also known as a Radiological Dispersive Device (RDD). Unlike a nuclear device, the components of an RED or RDD can be found in any city and are often poorly guarded.

GammaPix Solution

GammaPix empowers your city to solve the problem of unseen radioactivity threats. GammaPix mobile apps are available for free